Republican’s In Congress Are Hypocritical. They Oppose How The House Is Conducting It’s Investigation In The Impeachment Inquiry, Yet The House Is Following The Same Protocol The Republican’s Executed In Their Bengazi Investigation.

Hypocrisy is now the main feature of how Republicans conduct themselves in the political arena. There are rules they favor when they are in the majority and yet rail in protest about those same rules when in the minority. Hypocrisy is the hallmark of Trump’s Presidency. His inadequacies and unethical practices have become more apparent as incriminating evidence is being discovered through the impeachment inquiry process.

The kind evidence found in the Mueller Report would have led Republicans to go directly to impeachment. After all, telling a lie about sex led them to impeach President Clinton. The rampant hypocrisy by Republicans, such as Jim Jordan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Lindsay Graham is degrading them personally as well as their party.

Where are the Republicans the likes of John McCain? How have so many men become so scared of and controlled by a man like Trump, who doesn’t have the qualifications nor the integrity to be President? Why do they defend his transgressions of character? Why aren’t they alarmed enough to do their jobs to defend the Constitution against Trump’s attacks on it?

In their attempts to defend Trump, Republicans hypocritically sound off that the Democrats have been out to remove the President since he won the election. Yet, when reminded of Mitch McConnell’s 2008 pronouncement ” I will do everything I can to make sure Obama is a one-term president, the reply is, ” that’s not the same thing.”

Lindsay Graham has been whining in the media about how the Democrats are unfairly executing the impeachment inquiry by conducting non-public depositions. Yet major networks have aired a tape of Graham from the 1990s supporting the Republicans as they conducted closed depositions in similar proceedings. Trump has trained his loyalists to resort to hypocritical proclamations to distract attention from his and their wrongdoing.

Trump is looking scared and acting guilty by exhibiting behaviors that are reckless, crass and impulsive. Most employers wouldn’t hire anyone for any job that behaved like him. He WILL be rightfully impeached by the House. When the Senate acquits him, the country will realize that Republican Senators sold out the Constitution and devolved into hypocritical, unpatriotic partisans with legacies that will shame their public service careers as well as their families.

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