Nancy Pelosi Moves Past Her Reticence About Impeachment And Re- establishes Her Leadership In Protecting The Constitution, Our Democracy And The Morality Of America.

The iconic photo of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, standing up and pointing her finger at Trump at a meeting at the White House yesterday captured the essence of her strength and integrity. Surrounded by all men who were looking dejected, she stood up for herself as Trump was verbally disrespectful to her. Before she exited the meeting, where she witnessed Trump in a meltdown, she said to the President, it seems “all roads lead to Putin.”

Pelosi has been handling the impeachment inquiry with patience, integrity, and skill. The action Trump took regarding the quid pro quo request with Ukraine left her no choice but to start an impeachment inquiry. The President has been abusing his powers and committing obstruction of justice ever since he took office. That is not a Democratic talking point, it is a documented and provable truth.

Trump is of the opinion that Article II of the Constitution bestows the President with supreme powers and he rejects the idea of co-equal branches of government. The founding fathers anticipated the reality that such a corrupt president as Trump could be elected. This is why they included the concept of checks and balances in our Constitution. Trump, who seems to know very little about the document, interprets Article II to mean, ” I can do anything I want.” Trump’s mental issues are fueling this dangerous, delusional interpretation of his powers.

He has become brazen about breaking the norms of governing in this country and now Pelosi has recognized that to not impeach him would be a dereliction of the House of Representatives Constitutional duty.

If Trump supporters want to stop being seen as ignorant, they must show an understanding of the illegalities and dangerous foreign policy blunders that Trump is making. The policies he is enacting are endangering our national security, estranging our allies and aligning us with murderous dictators. These foreign policy disasters remind us of the countless other examples of Trump’s destructive, criminal behaviors that are damaging our Democracy.

If Trump supporters are not concerned about his lying, obstructing of justice and lawlessness and simply choose to parrot his self-serving talking points, they will continue to deserve the label Trump’s sheep and history will target them as complicit in the damage Trump has inflicted on our country.

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