Trump’s Incompetence as President Is Apparent in His Pattern of Creating a Crisis That Didn’t Exist So He Can Fix It and Claim a Victory. He is the Worst Negotiator, the Worst Executive, and the Most Unstable Person Ever To Be President.

It all started with the manufactured hysteria he created to justify a wall on the southern border. He falsely claimed that masses of rapists and drug dealers were pouring into the country to justify building an archaic wall separating us from our ally Mexico. He shut the government down by calling a national emergency at the border. This action forced government employees to go without pay and cost the country some 5 billion dollars.

Further, into his presidency, Trump manufactured a narrative that Central Americans were forming a criminal caravan on its way to our border to threaten the lives of Americans. He sent the military to the border to create the optics of a crisis that he would resolve.

Then he created a crisis message about terrorism, with Muslims being the targeted group he accused of threatening America. He called for a ban, blocking the legal entrance of all Muslims into the country and resulting in a blanket demonization of Muslims, even American ones. This escalated potential violence toward Muslims and promoted racist approaches to immigration policy.

He clearly uses Twitter as a tool to create volatility in the stock market. He directs daunting statements toward other countries or industries to scare investors, and the next day he publishes the opposite message to encourage investing.

Trump’s latest incompetent attempt to give himself something to do was to impulsively pull out of Syria, giving Turkey the signal to move in to kill our allies, the Kurds and creating a strong likelihood of a resurgence of ISIS. This disastrous move is being condemned by Republicans and Democrats, yet Trump seems to be reveling in the chaos he created. Keeping to his strategy of causing a problem so he can resolve it and be the hero, Trump sent Pence and Pompeo to Turkey to negotiate a ceasefire in the military disaster that he created. People are dying as a result of this cruel strategy. This is more proof that as people die and suffer, Trump shows no loyalty and no compassion, focusing instead on power games. This move may be an attempt to distract attention from the Ukrainian scandal that has put him on the path to impeachment by the House of Representatives.

A clear pattern in all of Trump’s policies is to stay in favor with Putin, with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, and with any other dictator whom he has a man-crush on and stands to gain from financially.

Those who keep turning away from the truth about Trump’s unstable and criminal behaviors may wake up when the fallout hits them and their families directly. It will be brutal, and sadly it could have been avoided. #madking

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