President “Hypocrite” Calls Joe Biden an Obama “Ass-Kisser.” If Oscar Statues Were Awarded for Presidential “Ass-Kissing,” Mike Pence Would Win. Watching Him Lower Himself at Trump’s Feet Is Cringe-Worthy.

Mike Pence is widely known as a wimp. He earned that reputation with his embarrassing lauding of everything Trump says and does. When Trump was looking for a running mate, he must have asked his advisors to find someone with no spine whom he could work as a puppet. Today, when Pence announced that Turkey had agreed to a ceasefire, he brown-nosed up to Trump with glowing accolades of his greatness. It appears that Pence, “Mr. Religious,” is a phony, vacuous opportunist who is weak and robotic. It takes more than reading the Bible and opposing pornography and abortion to make one a Christian. He sounds like someone who would defend Trump if he “shot someone on 5th Avenue.” No morals are apparent in anything he does or says as vice president; Pence’s strategy is to protect his standing with Trump, no matter what the blunder or scandal of the day is, by acting as if everything is normal. To intelligent people, this is a strange strategy. Calling an abnormal situation normal only makes the speaker look abnormal.

Another Pence strategy is to blame Barack Obama for whatever mess Trump creates. He refers to Trump as the clean-up president for what he calls Obama’s screw-ups. It’s worth noting that Obama had one of the least chaotic, most scandal-free presidencies in recent history. Joe Biden didn’t have to spend government time kissing his president’s ass because Obama didn’t need it. In contrast to Trump, Obama respected his vice president and had healthy self-esteem.

Another pattern Pence follows is to stay out of the public eye, hiding from the fallout of Trump’s tweets and blunders. He’s probably afraid to respond to questions about Trump, worrying that his praise might not be extravagant enough to please his boss. Republicans must dislike Pence intensely: They could rid themselves of the scandalous, chaotic Trump and still maintain a hold on the presidency with Pence. And it’s common knowledge that Trump isn’t well-liked by many congressmen and senators. That they stand by him despite his chaotic, crisis-riddled presidency is an indication that they aren’t eager for a President Pence. The payback for Pence’s loyalty will come when Trump blames the vice president for a scandal or a blunder to save himself. All the praying in the world won’t save Pence from the wrath of his boss.

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