If Investigating the Adult Children of Your Opponent Is Fair Game, Then It’ s Time to Track Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric’s Business Dealings with Foreign Countries and See How Much of Their Business Is Based on Their Being Trump’s Kids, and What Daddy’ s Cut of the Cash Is.

Today, Hunter Biden announced that he would step down from boards engaged in business dealings in China if his father is elected president. Is there any chance the Trump siblings will cease their business dealings with any country out of concern for conflicts of interest regarding their dad, the current president? Probably not, as being ethical is not in their DNA.

Trump’s hypocrisy is astounding. He is attacking Hunter Biden for earning money by serving on the board of an energy company in Ukraine while owning his kids are trotting the globe for any business deal they can get their greedy little trust-fund hands on. The strategy Trump employs, of accusing others of wrongdoings that he himself is committing, has grown tired and transparent. His motto is “I can do anything I want. You can do whatever I allow you to do.”

Trump remains president of the Trump Organization. He chose not to divest himself from his personal businesses, so he continues to profit from the dealings his kids conduct in the United States and foreign countries. Ivanka has secured more than a dozen Chinese trademarks since working in the administration, and Don Jr. and Eric are building relationships with other countries on the strength of the Trump name and suggestions of future business with their father. They even negotiate deals to let properties use “Trump” branding.

Because Trump continues to keep his taxes and financial records are hidden, the profits he is making through his kids remain unknown. But it’s hard to believe his claim that he is losing money, as he is a habitual liar. So unless the courts force transparency on him, the public will never know the truth.

An investigation into the business dealings of Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric should be launched. Let’s give Trump a dose of his own medicine. Let’s put him through the same game he is playing with Joe Biden. Let’s have the Trump kids be scrutinized like Hunter Biden. This hands-off posture toward Trump’s family must end. His probable violation of the emoluments clause may well have been helped by the business schemes of his kids.

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