Innocent People Rush to Reveal Evidence in Order to Be Exonerated. Guilty People Conceal Evidence to Protect Themselves. Trump and His Administration are Acting Straight out of the “I Am Guilty” Playbook.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump began a three-year policy of concealing information about himself that reveal evidence of shady or illegal activities. He also began his pathological pattern of lying, which fact-checkers have estimated now amounts to 12,000 lies since he took office.

His claim that he would release his tax returns was a lie. He never released them and has never shown proof that they were even under audit, as he claimed. If Trump’s taxes were clean and legal, he would have posted them on Twitter over and over again. His grandiose ego would have welcomed the publication of exonerating, impressive information. He loves to brag about his wealth, yet he withholds any proof of his claims. This is the behavior of someone who is hiding damaging information.

He lied about the hush money payment he conspired with Michael Cohen to make to Stormy Daniels. Evidence of this event resulted in him being named a co-conspirator in a federal crime. Innocent people do not have other people lie for them to strengthen their own webs of lies.

He has made up countless lies about political opponents and anyone who criticizes him or his policies. Innocent people do not resort to immoral, desperate behaviors and false accusations to deflect criticism and scrutiny. Innocent people don’t shout hysterically and attack people to defend themselves. They don’t retaliate by accusing others of what they themselves are being accused of. They don’t deny and deny while offering no proof of their innocence. Innocent, psychologically normal people don’t spread false rhetoric that could cause serious harm to other people’s lives.

Innocence creates a calm resolve to get to the truth and redeem oneself. Damaging others is not on the agenda of an innocent person.

Trump’s targeting of the whistleblower, as a spy who needs to be outed, has really displayed his lack of loyalty to the rule of law and has made him look so guilty that many are now saying he is walking a thin line mentally.

Innocent people who are falsely accused may feel betrayed and angry, but they do not blame others or deflect attention to avoid being found out. Innocent people cooperate in order to be cleared. Trump lies, threatens, and undermines the rule of law while sounding and looking like a rat caught in a trap.

Americans must choose democracy. We cannot have leaders guilty of crimes and immoral acts hold high office. A guilty, lying president is a danger and a national embarrassment.

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