Some Say That Trump Has Said He Is Grateful That His Die Hard Followers Are Like Sheep, Easy To Herd Wherever He Wants. If true, It’ s More Proof, That He Doesn’t Care Anyone, It’ s All About Power.

Trump has shown a pattern of easily rejecting and turning on people that disagree with him. The number of people that he has ruthlessly attacked on Twitter grows every day. He uses the cameras to spread vicious lies about people every chance he can. He is like a younger adolescent who can’t stop spewing any thought that crosses their mind.

All it seems to take is the slightest criticism of him and that person becomes an object without feelings that deserves to be destroyed. It is alarming to watch as he actually seems to enjoy doing it.

As Trump often says, that ” some have said or many people say” when he sights false information that he favors. So it feels fair to say that it is important to acknowledge that some have said Trump revels in how, without any scrutiny of him, his followers follow him like SHEEP. Unfortunately, it has become normal in the high-tech world of information streaming that when hearsay appears in writing it is considered to be true. But it is not unimaginable to believe that Trump knows that he needs, but doesn’t really respect, his followers.

The American people are smart enough to discern hearsay that is made up of self-serving reasons, and hearsay that seems probable.

Trump’s praise of his followers seems to center around praise for their loyalty. He never seems to express praise about them having traits such as intelligence or integrity. So if the blind loyalty is what Trump bases his connection to his followers on, then any opposition to him could cause him to unleash attacks on them as brutal as he has unleashed on anyone else who has criticized or disagreed with him.

All Americans from any party should place their loyalty on the Constitution and the preservation of our Democracy over party affiliation.

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