Democrats Must Be Strategic On The Path To Impeaching Trump. They Can’t Seem Gleeful, But They Must Be Proactive In Interviewing Witnesses, Obtaining Evidence And Educating The Public. Republicans Know Trump Is A Criminal, And Through Association, They Are Guilty, Too.

The Impeachment of a President is a sad event for our country. It signals that we have a person in the White House with serious moral and ethical flaws. Since he took office, Trump has demonstrated a complete disregard for the institutions that are the foundation of our Democracy. It is these attacks on our institutions that have alerted the House to finally move closer to impeachment.

It is vital that Democrats are smart and tough in how they react to the predictable backlash from Trump and the Republicans as they proceed with impeachment proceedings and on the campaign trail.

Strategies to be considered;

Be willing to fight back in with Trump, Trump-style. When he assigns a derogatory label to a person, assign one back to him. The label must be true and ego challenging.

Continue to talk about and legislate on gun control, healthcare, climate change, infrastructure, foreign policy, and immigration.

Explain Trump’s impeachable actions in simple terms, referencing the appropriate page of the Constitution, on major news channels. Do it weekly, multiple times.

Have Democratic Presidential Candidates and Democratic Members of Congress appear regularly on Fox News.

The DNC should set up education offices in Trump counties in crucial purple states where materials on the Constitution, The Mueller Report ( crucial pages regarding the obstruction of justice charges should be separately distributed) and American history will be distributed and discussed.

Do television interviews and run campaign ads in all swing states that went for Trump.

Put out a flyer describing the Democratic platform on the major issues of the Party. Show the flyer on as many television stations as possible. Many people learn from visual supports.

Distribute the Democratic agenda by mail to all counties in states that flipped for Trump. Be accurate in pairing the right issues with the right states.

In television interviews and campaign ads, speak with respect directly to Trump supporters about the issues that are important to them. Without naming Trump, explain why foreign involvement in our elections is dangerous. Explain why it is dangerous for a President’s private businesses to be profiting off of the office. Explain why lying threatens Democracy and national security.

Presidential candidates should include in their speeches the factual statistics regarding the number of current lawsuits pending against Trump originating from the states, the number of past associates in jail, waiting for trial and negotiating plea deals, and the number of fact-checked lies he has told.

Bring to the public the incidences where Fox News has disagreed with or questioned Trump’s policies or behaviors.

Explain that a strong Democracy is not founded on strong job numbers and the stock market ( though admittedly important), but rather is based on laws that are founded on strong principles and morals. The erosion of morality will lead to the erosion of economic stability. Explain the truth of that concept as often as possible in the media.

Encourage former Presidents to speak out about how they were able to successfully govern without creating chaos, bullying and defying Congresses constitutional authority.

Demonstrate a balance between the seriousness of the probable impeachment proceedings and optimism about the possibility of healing between the parties under new leadership.

Organize town halls with both Republican and Democratic politicians talking in a civil manner while negotiating compromises on legislation.

If impeachment succeeds, Democrats must get ahead of the Senate’s move to not remove him from office. They must declare before the trial starts that Mitch McConnell has declared as long as he is the Majority leader, Trump will never be removed. Just like when he declared that he would do anything he could do to make sure Obama was a one-term President, (before trial evidence is even presented), he has declared a not guilty verdict for Trump. He is truly a morally bankrupt opportunist and history will rightfully vilify him.

These strategies must attempt to reach the segment of Trump voters that are reachable. The strategies must clarify the differences between the Democratic platform and Republican positions and why Democratic policies are better for the average American. The strategies must explain how these policies will be paid for. The strategies must send alarming messages to the public about how Trump’s behaviors endanger America.

Let’s Make America Moral Again through honest, professional, qualified and moral leadership.

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