Besides Trump, Which If Any American Wants To Shoot Immigrants In The Legs Who Are Crossing The Border? Which Americans Want Moats Filled With Alligators Put in Place To Murder Asylum Seekers? He is Denying it, Which Means It’s True.#MadKing

We keep wondering what will it take for the majority of Americans to realize that Trump is abnormal, not just a different style of politician. his week the New York Times reported that an official in the White House reported that Trump was suggesting that these murderous techniques be part of his immigration reform policy. If one honestly asks themselves what these ideas suggest about a person’s thinking and character, the majority of people would say abnormal, cruel and criminal.

Trump is proving that he will go to any lengths to keep the campaign promises that he made to his base. The distorted, desperate methods that he considers employing to meet his goals continue to reveal his character flaws and sociopathic tendencies. Shooting or having immigrants eaten by alligators, the latest look into his cruel mind.

There was a pointless alert that happened a few weeks ago when Joe Biden used the term ” record player”. “Is he too old or is he losing it?” the media mused. However, Trump is now talking about moats with alligators to eat people. So the American people have to ask is making a reference that goes back to the ’80s more alarming than referencing the 1600’s? This latest immigration reform idea reinforces how much disdain and disrespect Trump has for immigrants, especially brown people. He doesn’t see or care (or both) about their plight. The poverty, oppression or brutality that they are fleeing is never mentioned by Trump when he discusses how to deal with illegal immigration. Immigrants are reduced to being bad or dangerous and in need of being shut out from our country or, per his latest strategy, eliminated.

He likes to spin the narrative that Democrats want open borders and have no plan to reduce immigration. This is red meat for his base, but like most of what he feeds them, it is false. Obama deported a massive number of illegal immigrants. The Democratic candidates support laws to report immigrants here illegally who are criminals. They support immigrants going through established legal processes to apply for permission to work in our country. They support immigrants having to pay taxes, leave when their visas expire and only return through legal channels. They also support hiring more judges to process immigrant applications for legal status. So Trump’s declaration that Democrats want open borders and will ignore illegal immigration and the negative effects of that issue is false.

Compulsive lying to the degree that Trump does it is either criminal or a psychological disorder. Neither one of these are traits that a President should have. Americans are complicit if they keep him in office.

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