Admittedly, This Post Goes Low, Trump Style. However Be Honest, if it Helps Push Him Over The Edge, isn’t it Worth It? By Not Giving Him a Dose of His Own Medicine, He Has Been Able To Look Strong, When He is Actually a Weakling.

The Congress and the media have taken a public, verbal beating from Trump for the last 3 years. Both groups have used tremendous restraint in order to not ” lower” themselves to Trump’s level. However, that restraint has created a narrative of them being weak and him being strong.
So for the moment, let’s rid ourselves of all restraint and speak the harsh truth about Trump. Let’s start by exploring new names for him:
President Liar.
President Insecure
President Misogynist.
President Obama Wannabe
President Putin’s Puppet
President Tax Evader
President Kim Jung Un’s Slave.
President Fascist
President Racist.
President Corleone
President Russian Colluder.
President Hatred
President Loudmouth
President Corrupt
President Conspiracy Theorist
President Adulterer

  • This list leaves out many other truthful descriptions of Trump, but any one of these new names could get quite a rise out of President ” Thinned-Skin”.
  • How about these daily news headlines to set off his Twitter finger:
  • Trump Lost By 3,000,000 Votes. Illegitimate!
  • Trump Will Never Measure Up To Obama: He will never win the Nobel Peace Prize, will never get poll numbers over 50% favorability, will never win the popular vote, will never be free of scandal and lawsuits
  • Trump Sets The Presidential record For “Spending The Most Taxpayer Money On Golfing And Weekend Retreats”.
  • Unqualified Trump Kids Leech Off Of The Country
  • Trump: “My Best Friends Are Dictators Who Are Known Murderers.”
  • If Trump’s Grades Were So Great, The Transcripts Would Be Plastered All Over Fox News
  • If Trump’s Taxes Were Legal And His Income Impressive, They Would Be Plastered All Over Fox News
  • Trump’s Is Massively Unpopular With World Leaders. They Don’t Trust Him And Think He Is Erratic And Unqualified.
  • The question is can we get him to crack, to go over the edge so we can restore hope and dignity to the country.

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