Trump Is Acting Guilty. Criminals Typically Blame Others, Act Angry, And Construct Completely Implausible Alibis. Now He Is Asking Foreign Governments, Even Adversaries, To Investigate His Most Feared And Beloved Opponent, Joe Biden. Who Is Next? ANYONE WHO SCARES HIM.

Trump’s playbook of criminality has grown redundant and so transparent that even young adolescents are able to see what a shady liar he is. The whining, blaming, name-calling and threatening that he is spewing is either making people laugh at his ridiculousness or cringe with fear. Clearly, he isn’t a ” strongman” he sounds more like a sissy.

Young people are asking their parents and teachers, “what is wrong with the President”? They see his anger and aggression and they are asking, “Is he crazy.” During the first year of Trump’s term in office, approximately 1,000 professional therapist’s got together and hypothesized that it was possible that Trump suffers from significant psychological pathology.

The probability of Trump having a mental disorder is once again in plain view. The impeachment inquiry has gotten underway and he is acting like a raging dictator. Examples of his erratic, unethical and impulsive behaviors are:

Projecting the accusations of criminality waged against him onto Joe Biden

Directing Attorney General William Barr and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to act against Congresses Impeachment inquiry requests, thus severely tainting their professional credibility.

Sending Barr and Pompeo to foreign countries asking the leaders to cooperate in investigating the Mueller Report origins with them

Tweeting and retweeting over 120 times this past weekend.

Demanding to be told who the whistleblower is

Demanding that Adam Schiff be arrested for fraud and treason

Threatening the possibility of a civil war if he is impeached

Suggesting the whistleblower is guilty of treason

Calling the people who gave the whistleblower the Ukrainian call information spies, and suggesting in the past that spies were put to death

Attempting to break the whistleblower Protection Law by trying to expose the identity of the whistleblower

Declaring the call to President Zelensky was ” perfect”.

Sending Rudy Guiliani on TV to promote conspiracy theories

A more stable person confronted with the same political and legal challenges that Trump is facing would know to shut up, stop being defensive and stop lying. They would know to stop blaming others and to follow the direct advice of their attorneys. But Trump appears incapable of impulse control and any threat to his ego emotionally overwhelms him. He is not emotionally equal to former Presidents who have shown appropriate restraint when under tremendous stress. This should concern all Americans as the job of being the President of the United States is possibly the most stressful job in the world.

Trump’s current unhinged behavior should rally anyone who loves him to convince him to resign before he ends up mentally de-compensating or going to jail.

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