The Barometer For Judging Trump’s Intolerable Behaviors Is The Question, “What If Obama Did It?” Would Republicans Be Okay With……

What if Obama pressured a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent by withholding much needed military aid to their country?
What if Obama redirected funds that Congress approved for specific issues towards his own politically-motivated agenda?
What if Obama ordered his Attorney General travel to foreign countries trying to find evidence to discredit our Intelligence Agencies?
What if Obama attacked and discredited all three branches of government and the media with the goal of being able to abuse the power of his office?
What if Obama was exposed to being an adulterer in his current marriage?
What if Obama had affairs with a porn star, and with a Playboy Bunny?
What if Obama had been found to have committed 10 counts of obstruction of justice in an investigation by a Special Counsel?
What if Obama co-conspired to pay hush money to the porn star in order to influence the outcome of his election?
What if Obama refused to make his tax returns public?
What if Obama blocked every effort by the Republicans to exercise their duty to pursue oversight of the Executive Branch?
What if Obama hired people who met extensively with Russian officials during the Presidential election and then lied to Congress about it?
What if Obama’s personal businesses made money off of him being President?
What if Obama was found to have lied in print or on video over 12,000 times?
What if Obama cursed in public and called government officials derogatory names?
What if Obama had secret conversations with world leaders that were autocrats or US adversaries?
What if Obama had a secret server in the White House that hid transcripts of conversations he had with controversial world leaders?
What if Obama ordered people to ignore subpoenas issued to them by Congress?
What if Obama placed family members in positions that they were unqualified for?
What if Obama’s excessive golfing and frequent vacation-home trips cost the American taxpayer millions of unnecessary dollars?
What if Obama promoted racist policies towards white people?
What if Obama threatened to politically damage members of his party if they weren’t 100% loyal?
What if Obama gave security clearances to people who did not qualify for them per governmental guidelines?
What if Obama spent excessive hours per day tweeting and watching television?
These questions reflect examples of unprofessional and immoral behaviors that Trump has engaged in while President. To avoid being hypocritical, Republicans must admit that they would have pursued the impeachment of Obama if he had behaved anything like Trump. GOP must start the recovery process by being honest about their hypocritical position on standards applied to Trump vs Obama.

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