It Doesn’t Matter Whether A President Is Republican Or Democrat. Being Ethical, Moral and Lawful Must Be The Standard For Any American President. Indecency Is A Disqualifier.

We all strive to be ethical and honest people. However, no

one is perfect. When the average person falls off

the moral path, they only hurt themselves, their family or

friends. As bad as that is, it is wreckage contained to a

few. However, the standards for a president

must be higher than that for the average person. Immoral

actions of a President can hurt the lives of millions of

people economically, and emotionally and


An immoral, lawless President also severely compromises

our national security and significantly isolates us from our

allies. This damages global trust and respect and diminishes

our country’s influence on important issues.

Bill Clinton lied to Congress about his affair with an intern.

He lied to the American people and that was immoral and

wrong. However, he mostly hurt himself and his family. Any

form of immorality or lawlessness should disqualify a

person from being President, but severity matters. What we are seeing now in Trump’s

abhorrent behaviors is a President driven by criminality,

immorality, and questionable mental stability.

The standard of high crimes and misdemeanors leaves

room for a person with character flaws to do damage and

yet remain President. The electoral college is another

flawed mechanism. Generally, the majority of people

will not tend to elect a morally flawed or fanatical

president. One person one vote should prevail.

The Congressional hearings are becoming pointless and

even detrimental to the process of finding out the truth.

The discourse is based on partisanship, not principle.

The country is in a moral crisis because Trump is such an

immoral, corrupt president.

A system that is solely based on winning and power, will be

corrupt, lacking the ethics and decency that America has

always embodied # make America proud again.

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