Trump Erroneously Calls The Mueller Report, ” The Nothing Burger, ” But In Truth, It’s A Big Fat Cheeseburger With Everything On It. He Colluded, He Obstructed, and Being President Is The Sole Reason He Wasn’t Indicted.

It has become commonplace for Trump, Republicans, and the media to refer to the Mueller Report as being disappointing, ” nothing there” report. The media has been remiss in it’s downplaying of the report, focusing on the narrative that ” Mueller didn’t find enough to indict.” The Republicans had help by Mueller’s nervous, restrained hearing performance, and have touted the report as insufficient to hold Trump accountable. The occasional mention that Mueller was bound by a DOJ policy that a sitting President cannot be indicted has not been enough of an outcry to the American people to recognize the danger and lawless acts of welcoming foreign interference in the election and the criminal acts of obstruction of justice committed by Trump. The media let those truths fade away, overshadowed by the cry of ” exoneration” by the more adept messaging of the Republicans.

Let’s revisit the findings of the report because HE IS DOING IT AGAIN. The Ukrainian phone call to President Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden breaks his oath of office and puts our elections and national security at risk. Here is just some of what Mueller found:

Multiple top-level advisors and campaign staff appointed by Trump during the 2016 election have been either indicted, imprisoned, are awaiting trial or still hoping for plea deals. His personal attorney Michael Cohen is in prison for being a co-conspirator with Trump in the Stormy Daniels hush-money deal. Most of these crimes involved lying to Congress about secret meetings with Russians. Have supporters of Trump ever wondered why an unprecedented number of secret meetings with Russians occurred? Reading the Mueller Report was like reading a novel about a corrupt, treasonist leader selling out his country.

Then there was Don Jr. rushing off to a meeting with Russians where he is told he would be getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. Then Mueller documents Trump publicly asking Russia “to find Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails”. Then there is the meeting Trump had with the Russian Ambassador and Russian Foreign Minister in 2017 in the Oval Office where he divulged classified information related to Islamic/Israeli matters.

Thank God for the whistleblower, now let’s see if this time the investigators are adept and brave enough to make sure egregious findings result in injustice.

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