The Whistleblower Demonstrates Integrity and Courage by Reporting an Act of Troubling Behavior By Trump With A Foreign Leader. Trump Makes Constant Blunders When Dealing With Foreign Leaders. He is Compromised and Democracy is at Risk.

The newest and potentially most illegal and dangerous Trump scandal yet involves a phone conversation he had with Ukrainian President Zelensky where he allegedly and repeatedly asked him to have Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden investigated. If proven to be true, Trump is once again inviting a foreign government to influence our election process. Gaining foreign support to win an election and attempting to destroy the reputations of his opponents with false narratives are Trump’s top re-election strategies. This is the approach only a failing president would pursue.

This week a whistleblower came forward and reported troubling information to DNI Director Joseph Maquire related to that phone call between Trump and President Zelensky. However, once again the Trump Administration is blocking the execution of oversight into the President’s continued defiance of rules, laws, and norms. The 1,000,000 question is what is Trump so aggressively hiding about himself from the American people. Innocent people do not obstruct, lie and call every inquiry a ” witch-hunt”.

Mr. Maguire is defying the intelligence communities watchdog assessment of the seriousness of the complaint on a pointless technicality and refusing to turn the information over to the Intelligence Committee in defiance of what the law orders him to do. It appears that the Trump Administration is influencing the withholding of the whistleblower complaint.

The Whistleblower Program is a program within the Security Exchange Commission whose purpose is to expose possible security violations that put the public’s health or security at risk. It is an important protective mechanism for our countries national security. Whistleblower information is usually credible enough to be investigated.

Trump is so emboldened by the protection that he is getting from the Republican Senate and partisan hack Attorney General William Barr that he is once again engaging with foreign leaders to become involved in our country’s elections in a way that will favor him. That is anti-democracy and could also be treason.

Trump is dog-whistling about retaliating against the whistleblower. Once again, Trump’s strategies to defend himself involve putting a life at risk. Democratic opposition must be aggressive in keeping up with Trump’s dirty politics, or we will be complicit in the systematic deconstructing of our countries moral, constitutional core.

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