This is the Speech Joe Biden Should Give Comparing Himself To Trump As A Man, Politician, and Patriot. He Must Remind Americans What Dignity, Honesty, and Expertise Look Like. Trump Got Impeached Because He is So Afraid To Run Against Biden, He Betrayed His Oath of Office. This Speech Clarifies Who Is the Better Man.

I am running for President against Donald Trump and because we are such different types of men, I feel compelled to declare myself the better man and politician and explain why I believe that to be true. I surpass him in character, professional experience, reputation, psychological wellness, and compassion.  I am also brave, not fearful and insecure, therefore I will have no need to make up lies about the President in order to defeat him in 2020.

I understand the Constitution, and Trump does not.  I have always applied the rule of law in my service to this country. Trump is constitutionally illiterate and in his egomaniacal pursuit of power, violates the Constitution regularly. His recent attempt to engage in abusing the power of the presidency by manipulating foreign countries to interfere in our election process is proof of either his ignorance about what is in the Constitution or a complete disrespect for it.

Trump’s interpretation of his role as President is that his power is limitless and that Congress is not a co-equal branch of government. The protection that he receives from Attorney General William Barr ànd the Republican Senate has allowed this most unstable, unqualified and mean- spirited man to damage the soul and security of Ameriça.

I believe that a politician’s moral character is revealed in the policies that he supports. I believe that a strong moral character is measured by the words that a person speaks, the actions that they take and the caliber of people they associate with. I believe the expression of compassion and fairness guides a person and a leader to do great deeds that better both the lives of individuals and whole societies.

I believe morals are vital to the success and survival of a Democracy. Individuals who act immorally make terrible leaders. Immoral personal acts lead to immoral acts in governance . That is what our country is facing with Trump as President. Encouraging foreign leaders to investigate and damage his political opponents, obstructing congressional oversight, the Muslim ban, calling Mexicans rapists, attacking Congresswomen of color, calling African countries shitholes, bragging about sexually assaulting women, mocking a war hero, the late Senator John McCain, and mimicking a disabled journalist are just of few of the many examples of Trump’s racist, misogynistic, cruel and criminal nature.

I am proud that I am a kind person who is not invested in being vindictive or discriminating against any group of people. Trump attempts to harm states like California who oppose him. He supports cruel policies towards immigrants. He goes after individuals such as former FBI Director Andrew McCabe who opened the investigation into his potential connection to Russian interference in our 2016 Presidential election. He made sure that he fired McCabe one day before he would have been entitled to receive his pension. He went out of his way to attack Puerto Rico for not heaping praise on his interventions after the hurricane devastated the country. Trump acts cruel and seems to enjoy the power of being able to hurt and bully people.

I am proud to say that I have never been an adulterer. I have never sought out porn stars or Playboy bunnies. No woman has ever accused me of rape or sexual assault. I married my wife Jill 5 years after the tragic death of my first wife Neilia and young daughter in a car accident in 1972, Being a devoted husband and father has meant more to me than anything else.

I am proud to be a lawyer, to have served honorably in the Senate for 36 years and to have served as Vice-President to Barack Obama for 8 years. I served as chairman for both the Foreign Relations Committee and the Judiciary Committee during my years of service.

I am proud that I am not a liar. In my view, chronic lying is a character flaw. It is a desperate, insecure and disrespectful way for anyone to function, especially for a president. Donald Trump is a proven liar, and has lost the trust of allies, adversaries, American citizens, legal immigrants, government officials and countless members of his Administration. Basically anyone who has to deal with Trump knows he is a liar.

I am proud to be a self-made man. I have worked hard for everyhing that I have. I did not buy my way into any opportunity. I did not inherit a fortune, but if I had I am pretty sure I would not have filed for bankruptcy multiple times. I am proud that I have always paid my debts. I have never stiffed anyone for work they did for me or defaulted on a loan.

I am proud of my priorities. My family, my faith, my professional integrity and public service shape who I am. I do not put power and money ahead of my values. Trump worships money over morals and that isn’t who we are as a people.

It is vital for our country to have a strong economy. I should know as I was part of an administration led by Barack Obama that led the country out of a recession and back into prosperity, without crushing the poor or middle class. Just like Trump was fortunate to be handed hundreds of millions of dollars from his father, he was also fortunate to be handed the successful Obama economy.

I am proud that I have a strong self-esteem. I do not have to bully, name call, blame or whine about criticism or opposition because I am not insecure. Trump’s insecurities are transparent and talked about throughout the world, especially his jealous competition with Barack Obama. This has globally damaged respect for the American presidency.

I welcome and respect immigrants and asylum seekers. Trump has separated families and put kids in cages.  The rhetoric by Trump against minorities has spiked White Supremacy and hate crimes. My record shows that I have been an advocate for minorities and women my entire career. There is a disdain that Trump demonstrates towards anyone who isn’t a white male. He especially defends white men who have been accused of assault against women. It’s as if he is defending them to cover up his own crimes against his accusers.

I am proud that I am not constantly being sued for engaging in shady dealings. I am proud that I am not constantly accused of illegal actions. I pride myself on not having to spend millions dollars to hire attorneys to defend myself against serious,or embarrassing accusations. I am proud that I have never been found to be a co-conspirator in a federal crime. I am law abiding, Trump is law breaking.

I have nothing to hide. Trump is the most secretive, opaque president in our country’s history. He hides his taxes, forces people to sign NDA’s, has secret conversations with adversaries, refuses to appear in front of Congress, blocks witnesses that are subpoenaed to testify, and refuses to supply documents to clarify his business dealings. However, when he feels threatened, he will harrass people Mafia style to intimidate them and their families to deflect attention away from his lawless, unethical behavior. In contrast, I am strong when needed without acting like a king or a mob boss.

Trump is mean- spirited, unqualified for the presidency, guilty of crimes and disrespected throughout the world. I come from faith, integrity, humility, qualifications and equality for all people. I will restore the soul of America.

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