Nancy Pelosi Must Support Impeachment Inquiry. If Not, She Looks Weak, Overly Political And Is Making Trump’s Claim Of Being Above The Law And Guilty Of Nothing Look True. She Might Just Help Him Win.

Democrats are getting tired of watching Nancy Pelosi not do her job as defined in the Constitution. She and her supporters keep repeating that her job is to calculate votes and only make moves with winning in mind. This misjudgment of priorities is beginning to make Democratic leadership partially responsible for the wreckage to our Democracy that Trump is causing. Their threats to be aggressive in stopping the lawlessness, immorality, and corruption that Trump has caused have not led to any effective action.

Corey Lewandowski admitted to the House Judiciary Committee today that Donald Trump instructed him to go to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and deliver a Trump dictated message ordering him to un-recuse himself in the Russia Investigation and to inform him that if he didn’t do it, he would be fired. This testimony brought the Mueller Report to life, providing an eyewitness account of Trump taking action to obstruct justice in the investigation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election. What else does Nancy Pelosi need to do in order to do her job and lead us towards impeachment proceedings against Trump?

Democratic voters are also angry at how long it is taking the House Committees to obtain Trump’s tax returns, to obtain Don McGahn’s testimony, to secure The Mueller Report evidence that substantiates claims of obstruction of justice and co-operation by the Trump campaign with Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, and to obtain the evidence proving Trump’s violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution.

The House Committees’ pronouncements of impending actions keep leading nowhere, which is now sounding weak and disorganized in the public eye.

Nancy Pelosi is doing her job in the style of Moscow Mitch, by not leading but deferring to others to give her permission and “cover” to make the hard decisions that her high position requires her to make. We all know that there is enough publicly documented wrongdoing by Trump to warrant impeachment inquiry ( in order to advance invoking Articles of Impeachment). Democratic voters understand the risks such as the public is not fully on board, that the weak, forever tainted Republican Senate would not remove Trump from office, and that the move to impeach could possibly hurt newly elected House Congressmen and Congresswomen in Republican districts. But the more important point is that Trump has far surpassed the criteria for impeachment proceedings to begin and to not take aggressive steps to obtain indisputable evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors is a dereliction of duty on the part of Pelosi as Speaker of the House.

There is no doubt that if the Democratic House of Representatives does not move to impeach Trump, the Trump re-election campaign will spin that fact to mean that even Democrats know that he did nothing wrong. They will also call Democrats weak, leftist witch hunter’s who are only out to defame Trump. They will label Democrats as unpatriotic, having no regard for the security and prosperity of the United States. Trump may be an unstable, unintelligent, self-serving manipulator but he is a master at lying convincingly, negatively branding opponents and distracting the focus off of himself when he is acting crazy or criminally.

Nancy Pelosi’s overly cautious approach to impeachment could run out the clock and hand Trump a win. If she is so worried about losing in the Senate trial, she could just impeach him in the House and not send it to the Senate. The public statement could be, ” The House has done its Constitutional duty by impeaching this law-breaking President. The Senate has publicly declared that it will not remove him from office, so we are saving the public from witnessing a useless trial and the frightening reality that Republicans in the Senate support the rights of Presidents to break the law and not be held accountable. This is a scary precedent to establish, but that will be the legacy of Trump-serving Republicans, not the Democrats. Democrats can cruise to victory by abiding by their Constitutional duties and governing by morals and the law instead of lawless power.

Pelosi can preserve her excellent legacy as a strong, progressive leader by protecting the country from the total crippling of our Democracy by Trump. Therefore, she must push the impeachment process forward. Her resistance to doing it could taint her legacy and weaken the view of the Democratic Party. If we don’t impeach, we stand for nothing.

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