When A President Is A Serial Liar, He Might Also Be A Sociopath or a Traitor. Trump Has Lied To Americans In a Pattern Similar to His Dictator Cronies and is Creating Serious Concerns About National Security.

Trump obsessively talks and talks about anything and everything. Due to a lack of substantive knowledge about the topics he talks about, he repeats words and phrases over and over again. Pervasive lying is another one of the speaking mechanisms that he uses excessively so it prolongs the length his speeches beyond what the topic he is discussing warrants. Clearly, he likes the sound of his own voice.

He lies to embellish topics in order to get a dramatic reaction ( reality show method) or to manipulate his audiences to not believe the reports about the many scandalous or illegal matters that are associated with him on a regular basis. Trump’s lying is done in such a brazen, pervasive manner, one can strongly speculate that his megalomania level is off the charts.

Why did he lie about firing John Bolton, when Bolton had announced that he resigned?

Why did he lie about knowing about the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels?

Why did he lie about trying to secure the deal on the Trump Tower Moscow project?

Why did he lie about knowing about his campaign officials’ meetings with Russians?

Why did he lie about the crowd size at his inauguration?

Why did he lie about saying that he believed Putin’s denial about meddling in the 2016 Presidential election?

Why did he lie about the type of people that were migrating from Central America?

What Trump is hiding may be worse than some of his lies:

What is he hiding by not releasing his tax returns? (Not that rich, hasn’t paid taxes, business with Russia. Saudi’s etc)

What is he hiding by keeping his conversations with Putin’s secret?

Why did he block the release of the translator’s notes?

What is he hiding by ending the tradition of weekly White House press conferences?

Why does everyone that he hires have to sign a non- disclosure agreement?

Trump’s lies are provable. They are on tape or on Twitter. The líes are verified regularly and yet he continues to publicly stand by the lies, incorporating the strategy of dictators who employ the normalization of lying to gaslight people. This is pathological behavior that is so severe that it usually does not even improve with psychiatric intervention.

Trump’ s lying is dangerous because it has destroyed the trust in and the integrity of the Presidency. The lying has destroyed the trust and respect of our allies. Trump has deluded his followers into believing that America’s economy and military are so strong, that even if his “America first” concept leads to “America alone,” we will still be fine. That’s another big lie.

His sick thirst for power and money supersedes making the safety of America, the planet, and future generations a priority.

What good is money in a society where national security is threatened by a weakened Democracy, the air is unsafe, death from gun violence is common, and immorality is rampant and accepted? #MakeAmericaProudAgain.

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