Another Mass Shooting and Trump Uses The Mental Illness Argument To Justify a Retreat On His Promise To Enact New Protective Gun Legislation. The President is Owned By The NRA.

Every mass shooting reminds us of what is horrible and dangerous about Trump. He golfs through the aftermath of every shooting, gives the same cold speech, promises gun reform measures will happen and then does nothing. His extremely odd personality and emotionality during national crises should worry all Americans. His uninformed blame on the mentally ill is his way to avoid acknowledging the obvious link between mass shootings and White Supremacist ideology. Here are just a few reasons why it is clear that Trump’s legacy will not include common sense, Constitutionally sound gun reform.

1. He is incapable of feeling compassion. All he can do after a mass shooting occurs is read a speech in a rote, emotionless voice and then go play a round of golf.

2. He lies about doing something with Congress about gun reform, giving false hopes about national safety to people across America who are being brutalized by gun violence.

3. He calls and obeys the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre to determine at what level, if any, he can implement stronger gun control laws.

4. He accepted tens of millions from the NRA during his campaign in 2016.

5. He doesn’t allocate new funding to help save American lives from gun violence and domestic terrorism.

6. He doesn’t know the difference between a fake emergency and a real one.

7. He thinks Moscow Mitch is great for blocking a vote on House-passed bills addressing gun law reforms.

8. He doesn’t know or report the honest facts about the actual statistical low correlation between mental illness and mass shooters. The statistics show that the majority of mass shooters have not been diagnosed as mentally ill and that mentally ill people are more likely to be victims of gun violence than the cause of the violence.

9. He won’t acknowledge the link between gun violence and the rise in White Supremacy.

10. He refuses to curb hateful rhetoric towards immigrants of color from disadvantaged and dangerous countries.

Would Trump be more interested in legislating for safer gun laws if a mass shooting hit his own back yard or hit a much-needed voting district in a swing state that he needs for re-election? Seriously, to even ask if those scenarios would move Trump to understand and care about the true emergency of gun violence in America is a frightening reality check. A president must have compassion, be knowledgable, and psychologically stable in order to protect Democracy and our safety. Impeachment is long overdue.

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