Supporting White Supremacist Policies Could Backfire If a Minority President With “Trump-like Issues” Ever Became President. White Trump Supporters Should Imagine Being The Target Instead of The Attacker. It’s Not So Funny Being The Victim.

Based on their aggressive attitudes and behaviors, MAGA fanatics might be setting themselves up to be victimized in the future should a troubled minority Democrat ever become President. After all, Trump’s policies have mercilessly targeted communities of color.

What if that President was vindictive, cruel, and irrational and targeted white Trump followers? For instance, maybe that President would create new laws that tried to invalidate the rights of citizenship to American citizens if they were not living up to the same qualifying criteria for new immigrants? It sounds rogue, but after all, as Trump says, the President has the power to do whatever he wants.

The belief that white Trump America has about being safe from his cruel policies is naive. A new President from a minority community could be chomping at the bit to give Trump supporters a taste of the same cruel medicine that their hero inflicted on them, the poor, immigrants, the LGBTQ community and women. After all, despite Trump’s cruelty and incompetence, white Trumpers stayed loyal and that loyalty has hurt the stability, security, and integrity of our country.

What if Trump’s fake economy finally tanked the farming, dairy, and manufacturing industries and the new President said, ” too bad, get on the food lines, you supported Trump, now live with the consequences?” That would surely be Trump’s cruel reaction to people who didn’t support him. It is possible that a new President, angry over the suffering from Trump policies, could seek revenge on his supporters believing that it would be justified?

It is hard to imagine that any Democratic President would be as vindictive or cruel as Trump. It is hard to imagine any candidate from a community of color acting as unstable and mean as Trump. However, if abnormalcy, cruelty, and incompetence are accepted in one President, it’s fair to assume it will have to be tolerated in other Presidents. With the election of an erratic minority President, this time the victims could be white Trump supporters.

Although this Democratic revenge scenario may seem a remote possibility, anything has become possible since Trump took office. We once believed that it was impossible that an American President could be blatantly racist, an abuser of Constitutional powers and guilty of a campaign finance conspiracy to pay off a porn star.

Trump embodies all that can go dangerously and morally wrong at the Presidential level, so those who stayed loyal could actually be singled out to pay a price. Unfortunately, anything is possible now. It would be a sad day for our country to see the continuation of the immoral, cruel politics of the Trump era. MAGA followers should seriously consider being part of the movement back to civility, morality, and respect for the rule of law.

Is his silly red hat, circus-like rallies and inflated, failed promises really worth the risk?

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