Trump Supporters! Trump Turning On Denmark And Fox News (Very White Places) is Proof That You Could Be Next.

It has been said by many that know him, Trump demands loyalty but shows no loyalty in return. The segment of White America that feels Trump is loyal to them because he shows cruelty to and rejection of minorities, (especially Hispanics and Blacks), are in denial.

This week he refused to travel to Demark to meet with the Prime Minister because she said his intention to buy Greenland was “absurd”. It is ironic that a man who constantly calls people and groups of people derogatory names freaked out over the word “absurd”. President “thin-skinned” is such a damaged person that his ego cannot cope with any form of criticism without seeking embarrassing, weak-based revenge.

Trump also went off the rails on Twitter against Fox News, whining that they were not “for us” anymore. This whiny rant was in reaction to Fox reporting on polls indicating that all of the top 5 Democratic Candidates would beat him by substantial margins in all of the battleground states. He was also angry that they interviewed a member of a Democratic Organization. It is clear that despite Fox’s “white leaning conservative agenda” and continuous support of Trump, he is now criticizing them and threatening to find another news outlet that will give him their loyalty. In his mind, loyalty to him would be shown by tailoring coverage of him to exclude information that could diminish him in the eyes of his base.

It is clear that Trump does not understand what a free press is or how journalism works. From his autocratic stance, loyalty to him supersedes putting out factual news. He manipulates the public perception of himself with continuos, exaggerated lies that are so obviously false that one cannot help but cringe listening to him.

Trump is only loyal to people that fulfill his needs and expectations. Although his cruel policies blatantly target black and brown people (especially immigrants and asylum seekers), this week he proved that being white doesn’t protect you from his wrath. If white farmers, dairy owners, truckers, or steelworkers came out strongly against him, he would not have the mental capacity to ignore it, apologize or empathize with whatever their complaint was. His pattern is to scare, humiliate or damage anyone who deviates from blind admiration and loyalty.

So White American Trump supporters, what is true is that any of you could be his next target to destroy. He is incapable of remaining loyal if you make him mad.

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