Trump’s Disastrous Performance At The G-7: Disparages Former U.S. President on Foreign Soil, Aligns With Putin Over Allies, Lies, Flip Flops and Sounds Crazy.

Trump is more consistently and publicly revealing his mental instability, commitment to autocracy, and pathological, blatant dishonesty at the horror of millions of people around the world. Never in this lifetime did Americans ever think they would have an unstable, rogue President take apart all that is strong and moral about America. It no longer works for Republicans to get away with referring to Trump merely as a “different kind of politician”. The world sees how strange, impulsive, insecure and unqualified he is.

Scarier than this is that the Republican Party has morphed into a party that stands for Trumpism. They support his abuse of power, his public disrespect for the foundational tenets of this country, his blatant lying to the American people, his using the office for personal gain, and the aligning with enemies that are infiltrating our elections. There are many other egregious actions being taken by Trump that threaten American life as we have known it.

The slow pace at which the Democratic Congress is going after evidence, including Trump’s tax returns, is disappointing, suspicious and worrisome. Has Trump succeeded in scaring the Democrats into over-cautious oversight? Democrats need to approach their oversight like it’s a national emergency. The damage being done by Trump to this country’s national security, rule of law, national debt, moral reputation, and Democracy is extreme and yet the Democrats are moving at a snail’s pace. American Democrats are pessimistic about their party’s courage and ultimately their effectiveness.

Trump was clearly sounding erratic and impaired at the G-7. He told a lie about Melania meeting Kim Jong Un. He lied about China calling him about setting up a meeting to discuss tariffs. He lied about why he didn’t attend a meeting about climate change, saying he was at a meeting with 2 other world leaders, who were actually on camera at the climate change meeting. He said President Macron asked his permission to invite the Iranian Embassador to have a meeting with the French leadership at the G-7. President Macron said that he ‘informed” Trump of the meeting, he didn’t ask him for permission.

Trump presented a prolonged, manic rant about how great he is doing as President, how Russia must be included back into the G-8, how the tariffs are doing great, and of course, he slammed President Obama in an embarrassingly transparent, obsessive, insecure manner.

Chairman Neal must do his job and get the tax returns from the IRS that his committee is entitled to and request copies of Trump’s New York State tax returns. Unfortunately, due to the Republicans embarrassing weaknesses, evidence of criminal activity by Trump will be needed if he is to be removed from office. We know he is a liar and has broken laws, so let’s get the job done before Putin gets a key to the front door of the White House.

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