Trump Loves Israel For Political Reasons, But it’s a Question as to Whether He Really Loves or Understands The Jewish People.

I would love to challenge Trump to yell out, ” Mazel tov” or “Shalom”, at his next white rally in an attempt to show public comfort and relatedness towards Jewish people. I believe that 9 out of 10 people would say that there is NO WAY he would utter even a mainstream Jewish phrase at a rally as he knows that the portion of his base that is White Supremacist would not approve and possibly no longer vote for him.

It has also been noted that as Jewish holidays come and go, he never makes any public acknowledgment of the meaning of the holidays and never shares anything about his participation in the celebration of those holidays with his Jewish family members.

Jews can feel Trump’s insincerity in their gut when he praises Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is clear that his motives are political. He acts as if he is the only President to ever support Israel. America has been and will always be Israel’s ally. But Trump’s strategy to support every policy idea of Netanyahu’s is based on his need to secure Jewish support for himself and to lock down Netanyahu’s carte blanche support of his Administrations’ destructive policies. Because each of these leaders is enmeshed in their mutual hunger for power and autocratic style of rule, the integrity of both Israel and the United States is being compromised.

Also occurring this week was Trump’s complete emasculating of Netanyahu, by basically ordering him to ban two female Congresswomen from entering Israel due to their opposing opinions on certain Israeli policies. Netanyahu’s obedience to this unprecedented, inappropriate request by Trump weakens his reputation as a strong, independent leader.

By Trump’s reticence to consistently call out White Supremacy in loudmouth fashion as he calls out every slight criticism of himself, he has emboldened this group’s resurgence and placed Jews in danger of Supremacist violence. Jews are the #1 target of White Supremacists, but I guess getting their votes are more important to Trump than Jewish safety.

In his ignorance, Trump conflates the Jewish people and their thousands of years of history and identity with where they stand on certain issues related to Israel. Israel’s government is politically diverse and complex and Jewish people around the world do not always agree on the current policies of Israel, especially those on how to establish Middle East peace and maintain Israel’s survival as a Democratic Jewish state.

However, it appears that Trump’s knowledge of Israel is limited to whatever Netanyahu wants and believes is best for Israel. In his public comments, he shares no specific information that indicates that he understands the full picture of the Israeli and Middle East peace dilemma.

His anti-Semitic comment this week about any Jew voting for a Democrat ( meaning against him) being ” disloyal or uneducated” was an insult to all Jews who are free, and thankfully no longer enslaved and stripped of independent thinking and action. Trump’s insecurities and hunger for power are at a dangerous pathological level. This week, his disparaging of the Jews in an attempt to control their ideological freedom has been on display for the world to see. The reaction had been one of criticism and concern.

As the country and the world questions Trump’s mental fitness to be President, the stock market tanks, the deficit explodes, the planet melts and burns, immigrants are abused, the NRA has more influence over gun policy than the will of the people and Trump wastes time ranting on Twitter and romancing Putin and Kim Jong Un.

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