MSNBC’S Donny Deutsch Brands Trump and His Administration “The Assaulters” And The Democrats “The Protectors”. Trump is Attacking The Core Of What is Good About America.

How do you take a country that is and has always been “great”, tear apart it’s core attributes, replace it with horrible, failing ideas, and say you’re making it great again? Only a stupid person would think that makes sense (or a liar or mentally compromised person).

Trump’s #1 strategy with MAGA is to dismantle anything that Obama did as President. The jealousy and insecurity emanating from Trump over Obama’s high approval ratings and accomplishments are painful to watch, especially if you’re a trained psychotherapist. Having to witness the dangers of this level of erratic, vindictive behavior in a President is creating mass anxiety for millions of people and global shame for our country. Trump truly deserves the label of “assaulter”.

Some of Trump’s assaults on what is good about our country are:

Assault on the Constitution by abuse of power

Assault on moral decency. He is an adulterer, a serial liar, a co-conspirator of a federal crime, a tax evader, has associations with sleazy, perverted men or women abusers and defends them.

Assault on healthcare for millions of Americans by trying to repeal Obamacare

Assault on the economic future stability of America by blowing up the deficit and increasing the national debt.

Assault on economic stability with tariffs that financially hurt Americans

Assault on the environment by pulling out of the Paris Agreement

Assault on endangered species by proposing the elimination of federal protection laws

Assault on national security by befriending dictators

Assault on NATO by publicly attacking the integrity of the institution

Assault on global allies with personal insults and breaking agreements that negatively affect their countries.

Assault on Hispanic immigrants by calling them rapists, criminals, and dangerous invaders. Calling for The Wall to keep them out.

Assault on legal immigration by creating an entry based on education and financial status. Poor, oppressed people per Trump are no longer welcomed to immigrate to America.

Assault on the credibility of members of Congress when they oppose him.

Assault on the Judiciary Branch when they rule against him

Assault on the media’s credibility when they disagree with him

Assault on the belief in a free, accurate press by spreading fake news and calling “real” news fake

Assault on women by having committed multiple acts of adultery, physical and verbal assaults

Assault on communities of color with derogatory name-calling of cities heavily populated by minorities

Assault on the middle and lower classes with tax cuts for the rich and stagnate wages.

There are countless more assaults going on by Trump, but this list makes the point that he is assaulting our country.

In contrast, the Democrats support policies that seek to “protect” the rights of all people. Democrats seek to protect the Constitution and rule of law. Democrats want to protect the credibility of a free press. They want to protect the right to legally immigrate to this country. Democrats want to protect the right for all Americans to have healthcare. They want to protect the planet, protect animals, and protect the rights of women and minorities. Democrats in the House are passing gun reform bills that seek to protect American lives. They seek to protect the strength of our relationships with our allies, which strengthens our national security.

Democrats are protectors because as a party they have compassion towards people in need. They also have compassion for people of means who have dreams and goals that they want to fulfill. In order to be “protectors”, one has to be empathic towards others. Trump has never shown empathy on any issue. He has never teared up, or given a heartfelt speech, or consistently followed through on helping people during tragedies. He moves on quickly, leaving the authentic caring for others to provide.

Voting Trump out is the only way to stop the assaults on our people and Democracy. #makeamericaproudagain.

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