If Republican Senators Would Band Together Against Trump, The Power of His Threats To “Primary” Them Would Be Neutered. There is Power in Numbers. Senator’s Should Follow Their Morals and Do Their Constitutional Duty.

It has become painfully obvious that Republicans are derelict in their duty to protect Democracy and the rule of law. Great numbers of politicians, pundits and journalists have appeared in the media admitting to hearing staunch behind the scene opposition by Republican Senators to the President’s erratic behaviors, unqualified execution of the Constitution, divisive rhetoric, strange bromances with murderous dictators, and disrespectful treatment of our allies. Now he is asking foreign allies and adversaries to investigate his most feared opponent, Joe Biden. He is announcing that he welcomes foreign interference in our elections.

It is understandable that it is intimidating to stand alone against Trump because he has proven to be brutal in his retaliatory vindictiveness. But when a group of like-minded people band together and stand up to do the right thing, the damage by retaliatory efforts is greatly diminished.

By being silent about Trump’s divisive, racist, dishonest and criminal behaviors, these Republican Senators and House members have emboldened him and thus unleashed shame and anxiety on America. Cowering in the halls of the Capitol Building like wimps is not a good look for elected officials who work for the American people.

Americans know that the majority of Senators and members of the House are cringing every day at Trump being President. To keep their jobs, stack the courts with conservative judges or make short term financial gains due to Trump’s economic moves, they have turned their heads and shut their mouths and abandoned their patriotism.

The Senators facing re-election have more to worry about than Trump’s s opinion of them. There is an organized Democratic wave of political harassment coming the way that will expose them for the weak, unpatriotic people that they have become in the name of the most corrupt, unstable President this country has ever seen. The majority of Americans can only hope that Congress will choose the country over party before disaster strikes our country.

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