Trump’s Vindictiveness Is A Sign Of Being Mentally Disordered. A Lack of Empathy And Rage Dominates How He Treats People. Revenge Seems More Important To Him Than Doing His Job.

Vindictive people are in a lot of pain. They feel angry and wronged and have great difficulty managing their emotions. Successfully getting revenge on people that they view as having wronged them or pose a threat to them is the only way they see to alleviate their pain. The crueler the revenge, the more relieved and redeemed they feel. There is a sociopathic quality to how a vindictive person deals with managing conflict and insecurities.

Trump has a pattern of cruel, vindictive actions since and before his Presidency. The actions go far beyond a retaliatory action to self-protect or to send a message of anger or strength. With blatant cruelty, Trump’s actions aim to permanently damage people’s reputations, financial status, and emotional well-being. He appears to feel totally justified to act as he does and shows no sign of empathy towards those that he hurts. He will never apologize, feel remorse or cease his assaults. This is pathological.

Examples of Trump’s pattern of vindictiveness include;

He has methodically built a pattern of policymaking based on the dismantling of any policy, law or program that was enacted by Obama.

Prior to one of his debates with Hillary Clinton, he called a press conference and assembled numerous women who allegedly had affairs with Bill Clinton and encouraged them. to speak out about Clinton’s conduct before the debate started.

He ordered Jeff Sessions to fire FBI Director Andrew McCabe 1 day before McCabe’s retirement pension would have been secured.

He fired FBI Director James Comey on Twitter, before contacting Comey with the news.

He denigrated Sen. John McCain’ s military experience as a POW hero saying. ” I prefer people who don’t t get caught.”

He has taken Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide as an opportunity to implicate the Clinton’s in his death by retweeting a conspiracy theory which says they are to blame.

Each of these people took some action that hurt or angered Trump, and he decided that ruining or humiliating them forever was the retaliation that they deserved and that he would enjoy the most.

There are many other examples of vindictive tweets and public statements that Trump has made to gain approval from his base. He has also denigrated Congressmen in ways that hurt their chances for re-election and so these Republicans have retreated into a scared silence, creating an embarrassing legacy for themselves.

What Trump supporters are not realizing is that a clinically vindictive person has no loyalty to any group based on ideology or sincere caring. If you upset them or express opposition to them, they will retaliate with a vengeance.

I challenge any Trump county to organize a rally against one of his policies or disagreeable statements that he has made. Predictably, despite his past loyalty to them, he would be on a vindictive rant to damage that group just as he has done to so many others. He is so damaged and disturbed that he cannot maturely navigate even the slightest attack on his ego. President Fake Strongman is a weak man. He is on a tear to damage women, immigrants, black and Hispanic Americans, the LGBTQ community and our planet.

Liking his red hat, his crass humor, or that he yells “bullshit” at rallies are poor excuses to support him. Unless you’re racist, super-rich or in love with superficial reality stars, why put such an angry, unqualified person in our beloved Oval Office.

Also, Americans standing by Trump on the economy issue should study the effects of a ballooning deficit and national debt on the future of our economy. Debts need to be repaid. Repaying debt is not Trump’s forte. He goes bankrupt instead of repaying debt. When he is long gone, the debt he leaves us will be on the backs of our kids and grandkids. The vindictive person that he is, he will probably say that is what we deserve.

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