When Trump Calls Democrats Socialists, Democrats Must Call Him A Fascist. Doing So Is Not Going “Low”, As it is Factually His Style of Governing.

FASCISM: “a political philosophy that puts the nation and often races over the individual and supports a centralized dictatorial, authoritarian form of government, with strong economic and social regimentation and strong oppression of opponents.”

SOCIALISM: “any various forms of economic and political theories that advocate governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and administration of goods”.

DEMOCRACY: ” s system of government by the whole population, or the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

Clearly, Trump meets the definition of a fascist leader. That is something that should put fear in the minds of all Americans despite their party affiliation.

Clearly, Democrats are not proponents of Socialism, as they support individual rights given by our Constitution to freely make choices regarding how they make money, how they produce goods and accomplish private ownership. SOCIALISM is a form of government that does not support individual ownership.

Within our Democracy, social programs such as Medicare and Social Security are paid for by taxpayers and administered by the government for eligible recipients to receive benefits. These governmentally run social programs are not forms of Socialism and are supported by the majority of Americans. When Democrats talk about a Medicare for all program, it is an inaccurate, desperate political argument that Democrats want to change our Democracy into a Socialist Society.

That Republican talking point is an uneducated, mean spirited attempt to equate liberal-leaning Democrats with Marxism, “economic theory and form of government which controls all means and resources of production, in theory, to support equality.” It is a well-known fact that Democrats support capitalism and the right for individuals to set and accomplish their own personal goals.

President Snake Oil, in his uneducated ignorance, is selling this Socialism lie to people who have not bothered to educate themselves in order to tell when they are being lied to. He is so insecure and unqualified to be President that his main strategy is to lie and create fear in his supporters to secure their loyalty. His propaganda campaign of egomaniacal pronouncements of ” only I can solve these problems” has captivated the needy or greedy members of his base.

In this campaign, Democrats must fight fire with fire and stop worrying about taking the high road. If they don’t, they will get crushed by Trump’s skilled way of rallying fear and hatred. He is a master manipulator, just like other past dictators, and demonizing opponents and creating violent, hateful tendencies in his supporters is what he strives to achieve.

Marianne Williamson and Harvard Professor Cornell West are two public figures who have not held back from accurately using the word ” fascist” when describing Trump and his lawless authoritarianism. It might be uncomfortable and it might feel like fighting dirty to Democrats who prefer a more civil approach to politics, but if they fight Trump’s fire with civility, they will lose. Remember in the movies, the bully only stops picking on the scared, chubby kid when the kid finally punches him in the nose.”

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