Trump Voters Must Watch The Democratic Debates, So They Can See For Themselves What Qualified, Decent, and Normal Patriots Sound Like

Never Trumpers are mystified by the level of euphoric loyalty that Trump supporters show. Was there spiked cool-aid that got served up at all of those rallies? Do they love red hats and t-shirts that much? Do they actually believe he is going to balloon up their bank accounts because he loves the working class so much?” Or, is it possible that they think America should bring back “in your face” racism and that they love Trump’s bombastic style of doing it?

I do believe that many of the white working-class felt forgotten in 2016, and chose to believe the loud, lying madman because politicians had let them down. However, it is sad that they got sucked in by PRESIDENT SNAKE OIL SALESMAN. In Trump, they got someone who cannot relate to their struggles, doesn’t show empathy for their struggles, and whose policies help the rich and leave the working class waiting with their hands out for Trump to hand them a crumb.

This is why it is so important for Trump supporters to tune into the Democratic debates. They will hear comprehensive, specific answers to questions by qualified candidates instead of “Trump speak” answers that offer no specifics on policy and are filled with words like, ” very, beautiful, fantastic, special, big, etc. The contrast between the speaking abilities and knowledge level of these candidates vs Trump might break through the denial and worship bubble that keeps the Trump supporters from being able to see how weakened and shamed Trump’s America has become.

Isn’t it suspicious that Trump denigrates ALL past Presidents and their legacies, believes Democrats are the enemy of Democracy (a dog whistle for a one-party system, FASCISM) and hires people who agree with him despite the fact that they are unqualified to hold a particular office? These beliefs and behaviors will not be on display by anyone on the debate stage Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Tune in to be reminded of how inspiring it is to witness civil, informed discourse which is factual and positive in its message. The angry, fire and brimstone is draining, getting old and frankly beneath the office.

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