Kellyanne Conway Should Be Fired, Disbarred, And Dumped By Her Husband. She Lies and Breaks Laws For Trump and Get to Keep Her Job. She is Just Another Immoral Trump Slave.

Kellyanne Conway obviously took the course at Trump University titled “How To Shamelessly Lie Without A Conscience.” She got an “A” in the class but gets an “F” from anyone with half a brain.

The Queen of “Alternative Facts” will make any statement necessary to keep Trump happy with her. The bulk of her lies are recycled lies that Trump has told. Her appearances in the media are embarrassing and universally panned as unprofessional and basically “kissing up to Trump” sessions. Many express that they cringe watching her publicly perform for Trump’s approval. It’s hard to tell if her tragic flaw is opportunism, narcissism, insecurity, or a schoolgirl infatuation with Trump.

Kellyanne has earned the full protection of Trump which has unleashed her lawless and unethical behaviors. The Office of Special Counsel has recommended that she be fired for violating the Hatch Act. This recommendation is warranted as she publicly promoted the President’s re-election campaign and has publicly attacked Democratic candidates during elections which are prohibited due to the role she has in the Administration.

More lawless, “sucking up to Trump” behavior came when Kellyanne went on air telling the public to buy Ivanka Trump’s clothing when Nordstrom’s dropped her line. Federal law probit using public office for private gain, but that didn’t stop Kellyanne from defending daddy’s girl. Anything to solidify his loyalty to her.

As a psychotherapist, I have a speculation about the possible psychopathology of Kellyanne. The arrogance she displays is often an indicator of low self-esteem. The hostile way in which she communicates could be a symptom of agitated depression. People who suffer from depression are often irritable and tend to want to hurt or damage other people to try to feel better about themselves.

She seems to especially enjoy going after women who have accused Trump of sexual assault. Many have wondered if her tendency to dress like someone 30 years younger than her age is about getting Trump to keep her around.

In Trump, Kellyanne has found a partner that she can be vicious for and with whom she can share mutual grandiose self-perceptions. As all people with low character and lawless behavior, history will brand her as a major contributor to the horrible damage to our country made by the person occupying the oval office.

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