Trump’s Extravagant Abuse of America’s Budget: Will He Make Us His Next Bankruptçy?

Whatever whim or urge Trump has to spend money, he now brazenly does it with money from the American taxpayer. He spends money like an addict, or an adolescent getting their first paycheck or a hedonistic narcissist. Here are samples of Trump’s narcissistic, hedonistic, and impulsive spending since his election:

Trips to Mara Lago estimated cost: approx. $64,000,000

Golf Trips: approx $102,000,000

Unnecessary Government Shutdown: $11 billion

Trump’s self-indulgent July 4th Celebration- $ 5.4 million

There are countless additional examples of his reckless excessive spending even prior to becoming President. He went bankrupt countless times throughout his career. He was lacking in skills necessary to effectively assess risk and balance spending practices when acquiring new assets. He has bilked millions of dollars from vendors, business associates, and creditors, over-using bankruptcy as a method to keep his cash and start over with new ventures and new people to rip off.

Added to his horrible resume as a financial non-genius is the ballooning of our national debt to 2 trillion dollars caused by a ballooning national deficit, estimated at 1.3 trillion dollars. Trump likes debt, and he likes spending and is horrible about paying the debt.  This pattern is well documented during his many years in the real estate business in New York.  His incompetent pattern of managing money is heading us, the average American, towards financial disaster.  He is selling the false narrative that if the stock market is doing well and the job numbers are up the average American’s financial lives will flourish.  This has not proven to be true for people working in the farming and manufacturing industries.  He is a good salesman, with nothing of value to sell.

The Millenials stand to inherit the financial damage of the Trump era. The Republicans who have shielded Trump from appropriate accountability and oversight will inherit a historical legacy of shame, incompetence, and weakness. They have abandoned their commitment to fiscal responsibility, morality and less vs bigger government. All Senate Republicans should be primaried by their constituents and sent off to a Burning Man retreat to replenish some lost testosterone.

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