Evangelicals Are The Most Un-Christian of All Christians in Their Allegiance to Trump

Central to the Evangelical doctrine is the rejection of sin and the holiness of life. Repentance is also considered central to evangelical life. Being born again symbolizes their ongoing commitment to Christ and Christian values. Based on their allegiance to Trump, they are now being exposed as hypocrites who are only interested in power. They have sold out to a man who operates as un- Christian as one could be. After all, when asked about his favorite biblical quote, he couldn’t give one and when Sundays roll around he is on the golf course, not in church.

Evangelicals have become an embarrassment to what it means to be Christian. Jesus was defined by values such as compassion, justice, friendship, forgiveness, inclusiveness, love not to hate. So making a choice to befriend and support a man that acts like Trump and talks like Trump is anti-Jesus. Jesus would not embrace Trump. When Jesus talked about murder being wrong, he also said that he believed that anger was wrong and should be judged harshly. Donald Trump is the most outwardly angry, irritable and erratic person ever to be President. Jesus would have told his followers that there is a path to strength, survival, and humanity that does not require following such a flawed, dangerous person as Trump.

The Evangelical’s argument is that that they overlook Trump’s dangerous, immoral flaws because he will appoint conservative judges and support the abolishing of Roe vs Wade. This stance is proof that they have lost their connection to what Jesus was all about. The American people can only hope and pray that an Evangelical leader will find his or her moral core and lead this sect of Christianity back into what history says Jesus’s vision of morality and humanity was. The reality is Trump would dump the Evangelicals in a minute if they didn’t continue to serve his ambitions. He is a religious hypocrite, identifying himself as a Christian yet acting in opposition to what Christianity stands for.

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