Trump’s Documented Immorality isn’t Just ” Icky” it’s Dangerous

Morality refers to behaviors that reflect honest, decent, fair, and ethical practices. Immorality is the opposite of being moral. Immoral people break moral codes and exhibit patterns of lying, callousness, and unethical choices. Immoral people do not care about how their behaviors negatively affect others.

So why is immorality DANGEROUS and not just offensive? Because when a person acts without concern for consequences, chaos and disaster are inevitable. Immoral behavior is the outcome of dangerous forms of distorted thinking that, in the mind of an immoral person, justifies any move they want to make, despite potential harm to anyone else.

Donald Trump’s immorality has been well documented throughout the decades. His affairs have hurt and embarrassed the women he has married. His denials of improprieties personally and professionally have caused others to take the fall for him. This disregard for what is right or wrong creates emotional and potentially physical harm.

Examples of potential DANGEROUS results of Trump’s immoral acts.

Immoral Act 1. Lying

Trump compulsively lies. His lies are well documented on camera and in tweets. His supporters cannot deny the extent of his lying and must admit that they just do not care if Trump lies.

Lying about top appointee qualifications to get support for their hiring is dangerous because it results in incompetent decision-makers being in a high office making incompetent decisions that could compromise America’s rule of law, national security, and economic stability.

Lying about his finances is dangerous because it allows for the possibility of desperate moves on his part to make good on financial ties that he has to dangerous world leaders. These desperate moves could be lawless or unpatriotic which would be damaging to America’s Democratic, humanistic image to the global community.

Lying about the integrity of his opponents incites fear and anger within his base towards these individuals and creates a dangerous threat of violence towards them and their families.

Lying to world dictators, such as making false promises that he cannot keep is dangerous because in anger these countries could retaliate economically or militarily.

Immoral Act 2. Adultery and Sexual Inappropriateness

Adultery is immoral because it involves violating and disrespecting a legal and moral commitment made to a partner. The ease at which Trump has sexually acted out with women while married is dangerous because it demonstrates poor impulse control and poor judgment. The dozens of accusations of sexual assault is another DANGER sign of Trump’s impulse control and disrespect for women.

It is highly dangerous for a president to exhibit poor impulse control as they control the potential use of our nuclear weapons. Trump’s hyper-sensitivity, reactivity, and aggressiveness renders him more highly impulsive than the average person creating a potential increase of dangerous mistakes in governing.

It is short-sighted for people to think of immoral behaviors as benign signs of being an imperfect human or a macho guy. Immorality is a symptom of underlying disturbances of thought.

Immoral Act #3. Befriending Criminals And Other Immoral People

It’s a danger to America when Trump befriends dictators who inflict physical and emotional harm on their people. It sends a message to those leaders that the bad that they do is acceptable to him and implies he would do the same to his people in the name of power. This endangers Americans as Trump’s proven addiction to power and lack of impulse control has already caused him to develop oppressive policies that are inflicting harm on American minorities, refugees, women, and political opponents.

It’s also a DANGER to Americans that Trump praises and protects men who commit physical, emotional and sexual assaults against women ( unless they’re Democrats). This is DANGEROUS to women because it emboldens these immoral men to feel protected by Trump as he publicly minimizes the accusations against them and throws disparaging comments toward women victims. This protection promotes more violence.

Associating with immoral people sends a message to other immoral people that values, mutual respect, and societal norms are not important. Trump encourages behaviors that could encourage crime, violence and in the process lower his respect and leadership role on the world stage. This emboldens dangerous dictators to attempt to damage our Democracy and could cause our allies to band together and abandon our country.

So immorality is icky, offensive and shameful but even more concerning is how extremely DANGEROUS it is.

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