Donald Trump Jr. Disparaging Hunter Biden For His Addiction Issues is Hypocritical When it Seems He Might Also Suffer From Compulsive Behaviors

I am a psychotherapist in practice for many years. I am not a medical doctor, nor have I treated Donald Jr, but addiction has been a sub-specialty of mine for years, regarding chemical abuse but also sex and relationship addictions. Donald Jr. should think twice before continuing to target Hunter Biden about his battle with addiction, as there has been much written about Jr’s behaviors with women which might be another form of addiction or perversion.

None of the comments here commit to a diagnosis of Jr. However, my years of experience qualify me for some well-educated speculation. Common signs that a man “might” be engaging is sexual compulsivity or addiction are extramarital affairs, inappropriate flirting, unwanted sexual innuendo, verbal or physical objectification of women, excessive anger over sexual rejection and the excessive use of pornography. Some of these behaviors have been reported about Donald Jr. on numerous social media platforms and in highly credible print media.

Although none of these behaviors on their own indicate a compulsive sexual disorder, they can collectively be clinical signs of psychological problems such as insecurities, low self-esteem, anger issues, depression, chemical abuse, and impulse control disorders.

There has been much credible reporting about Trump Jr’s alleged affairs and social media flirting throughout his marriage. Such behaviors are not commonly seen in normal married men with 5 children. But then his role model was Mr. STUDIO 54, Donald Trump.

Both Jr and Trump better be careful about mudslinging at candidates and their family members because some talented investigator or brave victim might go public with undeniable evidence of sexually addictive behavior patterns.

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