Senator Michael Bennet’s Passionate Debate Moment: The Shame of the Trump Border Crisis

With passionate emotion in his voice, Senator Michael Bennet clarified why Trump’s handling of immigrants and asylum seekers at our Southern border is a stain on America’s morals. While the global community looks on, Trump’s border policy is subjecting human beings to inhumane and dangerous conditions.

Senator Bennet focused on the disturbing issue of family separation. He described the horrific conditions that children at the border are living through. He emotionally shared his mother’s story of being separated from her parents in Poland during the Holocaust. He reminded us that under this administration we have abandoned the morals this country was founded on which are inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Senator Bennet focused on the importance of maintaining our morals as a country, which is essential in order to preserve our national pride and the respect of the global community.

Trump’s complete disregard for the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty reveals his racist leanings and pathological disconnect from feeling empathy for people in situational need due to crisis, danger or poverty. He blames immigrants for their circumstances and therefore doesn’t believe that alleviating their suffering is something that America should care about or help with. This thinking exposes him to be the most ignorant, insensitive president in American history. He clearly does understand what Democracy means.

Evidence of this is also reflected in his policy of merit-based immigration. This policy basically says that a person’s value is based on measurable achievement and education. What one can do for America is thought to be more important than the right to legally pursue the American dream or the right to seek asylum when fleeing dangerous conditions in one’s homeland.

Hopefully, Senator Bennet’s words will continue to remind all Americans of the importance of morals and humanity over greed, isolationism and blind loyalty to a dangerous president.

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