Women Who Like Trump: Is It About Him Being Anti- Abortion, or Do They Have Daddy Issues or Low Self Esteem?

Ask yourself if 16 women announced that Barack Obama had sexually assaulted them or acted sexually inappropriately towards them, and Obama denied it, would you believe him over the accusers? Despite the fact that 16 respectable women described assaults by Trump in similar ways, despite the fact that he had 3 wives, had multiple alleged affairs, and paid off a porn star to keep quiet about a sexual encounter, Trump supporters have given him a pass on immorality and criminality.

Many Republican women exhibit an unexplainable denial of Trump being criminally immoral and they deny, despite proof, that he is an adulterer, a perpetrator of sexual assault, and a misogynist.

If it’s because he is anti-abortion, there are many other anti-women Republicans ready to support that issue besides Trump? As a woman why stay so loyal to an aggressive, sexist man? What is the attraction? Did your father abandon you? Or he was scary and controlling like Trump and this is your model of a man? Or is your self-esteem so low that you actually have imagined Trump really cares about you and that makes you feel special? Did you always want the rich guy to ask you out, but he never did, so being on the Trump team makes you feel validated and let into the rich guy’s world? Out of your need to feel special, you have been ” sleeping with the enemy” of women.

Trump is quick to make derogatory remarks about women’s looks, especially those competing against him or exposing his sexually inappropriate behaviors. But I suspect that he hasn’t had his glasses changed in many years, as the “type” of women he assumes he can still get wouldn’t touch him with a 10-foot pole!

The next time he insults a women’s looks, I hope one of the female Presidential candidates is brave enough to break the news to him, that based on physical appearance, it is HE who has bit the shark. His arrogance towards women that he wants to damage reveals truly pathological insecurity and hostility towards women.

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