Trump’s Laughable Claim” I Hire The Best People”. Fact: 39 Appointees Resign or Get Fired, 5 Get Indicted.

The Trump administration holds the record for the highest turnover of administration officials in the shortest period of time in history. And yet, when asked by Chuck Todd Sunday on Meet The Press what he feels he could have done better since his election, he said, “I shouldn’t have hired Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.” He defends every other failed appointee since in office.

Jeff Sessions fell out of favor with Trump when he recused himself from the Russia investigation. Trump hires people that he thinks will stay loyal to him, even if they must sacrifice their personal and professional reputations, break laws or compromise their ethics. When they choose the Constitution over him, he cuts them loose publicly by humiliating and firing them.

Michael Cohen, a past personal attorney of Trump, sits in jail guilty of criminal behaviors of campaign finance offenses, crimes that Trump also committed. Trump likes the shady ethics of men the likes of Michael Cohen, as they mirror the criminal way in which he operates. Cohen flipped on him, so now Trump vilifies him, but other criminals like Michael Flynn and Paul Manifort remain ” strong, good guys” in Trump’s mind because of how they tried to protect him despite their own legal predicaments.

Trump will not admit that being guilty of domestic violence ( Rob Porter) or excessive abuse of governmental funds ( Scott Pruitt and Tom Price) is unacceptable behavior for high-level governmental officials. As each appointee leaves in shame, Trump comments that they were ” great guys” and that they were “treated terribly” by the media. The recent resignation of Alex Acosta highlights another example of poor judgment and vetting by Trump. Acosta approved a sweetheart legal deal for sex traffickers and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Trump announced Acosta is a great guy getting a raw deal.

Trump’s weak ego cannot manage to admit to mistakes, so he lies for and defends criminals and scammers in order to avoid being implicated. Only the blind or greedy continue to defend his indefensible judgment in all areas of governmental decision-making.

He nonchalantly jokes that John Bolton is a war hawk ( not good for national security or peace) and often publicly demeans people that he has hired, oblivious to the reality that this reflects on his horrible judgment.

Even scarier is the thought that he makes these kinds of appointments to his Administration so he can blame others for anything that goes wrong. Then he can come in to ” save the day” with decisions that any high school political science major could have made.

What Democrat, non-Trump Republican or Independent is brave enough to tell Trump that all of his political strategies are self-serving and predictable. Only his shrinking base with ” daddy issues” are still in need of his tired, reality show Presidency. Our Democracy needs a new Administration to:

MAKE AMERICA PROUD, UNITED, and SAFE AGAIN. #worstpresidentever

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