Republican Senators and Ardent Trump Supporters Must Pledge to Accept All Trump Behaviors and Policies As Acceptable for Future Democratic Presidents

The odds are extremely low that any future Democratic President would emulate any of Trump’s immoral and erratic ideas and policies. However, it seems fair to ask Trump Republicans, (Congressional or private citizens) to agree to accept, not argue with or demonstrate against any of the following behaviors on Trump’s Presidential resume.

They must pledge that it is now acceptable for the next Democratic President to:

1. Date porn stars and Playboy bunnies while married ( adultery)

2. Grab women by their genitals

3. Kiss women without their consent

4. Lie repeatedly to the public (unapologetically) for the purpose of political manipulation

5. When confronted, deny lies that are provable.

6. Hide their tax returns from the public

7. Use Twitter to name call and negatively target individuals and groups

8. Use profanity in the media and during rallies

9. Invite aggression at rallies and on Twitter by calling for the arrest and incarceration of political opponents

10. Publicly denigrate allies and embrace political adversaries and dictators.

11. Continue to earn money from other countries through private business ventures

12. Hire his/ her children who are unqualified for their appointed positions

13. Appoint people for cabinet positions who lack the experience and credentials for the job

14. Block the process of Constitutionally mandated oversight of the Executive Branch by the House of Representatives by abusing the use of executive privilege and by obstructing justice

15. Dangle pardons for people involved in investigations that implement him/her

16. Demand loyalty from appointees without respect for the oaths that they took and the risk to their reputations

17. Watch underage girls undress at beauty pageants.

18. Be involved in money payments that block the exposing of infidelities

19. Have proven, limited knowledge of the Constitution

20. Encourage people to break the law to protect him

21. Bypass Congress when mandated by the Constitution to engage Congress in decision-making

22. Make no retaliation against and give continued support to world leaders involved in the murder of US citizens or residents

23. Invite foreign countries to investigate political opponents in order to influence the outcome of our elections

If these behaviors exhibited by Trump are acceptable to Republicans, then now and in the future, they must be deemed as acceptable by the next Democratic President. So think hard if this obsessive loyalty to Trump is worth the degradation of our country’s morals and national security.

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