Trump’s 2020 Campaign Roll Out Speech Secures His Moniker: Dangerous Donald

“The Democrats and the media want to destroy you, and they want to destroy our country.”

Never in our country’s history has a president ever made a speech so geared at inciting fear and hatred. Trump’s speech yesterday greatly increased the possibility of violence towards groups and individuals that he targets as dangerous enemies. Any group or person that he doesn’t like is targeted for arrest or demonization. The media, Democrats, Hillary Clinton, and immigrants are his current targets, but anyone is a potential target of his hatred.

Additionally, in the ” mob-like code talk” that Michael Cohen described, he makes veiled threats similar to when Don Corleone eerily pronounced in the Godfather, ” I will make them an offer they can’t refuse.” Everyone knew what that meant in the movie. When Trump yells, in dictator fashion, ” We have to “get rid of them, they have to go to jail, they are dangerous, they are the cause of all of our problems,” we also understand what he is saying.

Only a doctor treating him would know whether his intention is to merely win an election at any cost, or whether he is a disturbed, rageful person lacking the capacity for empathy. But when you listen to what he says and then observe the rageful, aggressive behaviors of his followers, it is truly a reminder of a time in history when the genocide against groups of people became justified and normalized.

The public, Congress, law enforcement, the media, and the Judiciary need to engage in constant, public dialogues about the censuring of the hateful rhetoric at his rallies and on Twitter. Without some form of censure of his public expressions of racism and aggression, violence will occur.

This is not a partisan issue, nor is it simply an anti- Trump issue. This aggressive violent speech is dangerous and not consistent with American values. It should not be acceptable, no matter who is doing it.

Let us go back to the good old days where one could simply say, ” my opponent’s ideas are awful, and not good for the country. I have better ideas. I have what it takes to lead this country, my opponent doesn’t.” Isn’t that strong enough language to compete and self promote? It would be for secure, qualified, patriotic politicians.

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