The Liberal Media’s Addiction To Reporting on Trump Sabotages The Movement to Get Rid of Him.

The pundits on CNN and MSNBC cry out every night against Trump’s despicable, anti-democratic tweets, live statements, and deplorable actions and then proceed to saturate the airwaves with his toxic rhetoric. They are helping to spread Trump’s negative talking points to be used against our candidates.

A prime example is continuous over-emphasis on every misspoken word or questionable comment that our frontrunner Joe Biden makes. The use of the word ” gaffe” and excessive analysis of every negative inference possible from Biden’s words, has been used by Trump on Twitter to label Biden as old or incompetent. Trump is probably laughing at how bad the liberal media is at how to help Democrats win an election.

This constant repetition of Trump’s false, negative narratives and talking points is exactly what he wants the media to do. It is the same strategy he used in 2016 to embed his divisive rhetoric into the minds of his voting base and political loyalists. That strategy worked and MSNBC and CNN helped it work by its excessive coverage.

It is baffling that the Democratic-leaning media has not figured out a strategy to accurately investigate and report on Trump without compulsively repeating his toxic, public rants and thereby helping it seep further into the minds of vulnerable listeners. This repetitive coverage also results in a desensitization of Trump’s negative messaging which causes a normalization of his abnormal behavior.

Producers should consider airing no more than 2 minutes of Trump videos and tweets. The rest of the programming should be spent talking about the Democrat’s opposition and resistance to this administration’s negative, destructive policies.

Despite being well-intentioned in their efforts to rebel against the policies of Trump, the Liberal media is giving more exposure to his policies and messages than it is to our Democratic agenda and candidate platforms.

Trump is a master producer of staged programming from his experience producing the Apprentice and this gives him an advantage over the Democrats when it comes to manipulating audiences by acting, lying, and creating false realities. So there must be a strategy in place to compete with the energy that he creates through the theatrics that draws people to him. He covers up his lack of substance and active criminality with high production drama.

I hope the reactive hysteria to Trump calms down so mainstream and Liberal media will make more time in it’s programming to talk about who the Democrats are, and what we can and will accomplish when we win back the White House. Less air time for Trump will drive him crazy, and also lessen his undeserved, misplaced and destructive star power.

Donny Deutsch has commented on the Trump fatigue factor, calling his playbook of strategies all reruns, with the same old name-calling, same talking points, same lies, same people being targeted, in other words, ” been there, done that,” boring. When shows get repetitive with nothing new and fresh to offer, they get canceled. Let us hope that plays out to be true, but at the very least, let us not help his image by giving him constant air time on Democrat-leaning programs.

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