Trump is Definitely “Not” a Strongman, More Like an Insecure Child.

Millennials laugh hysterically when Trump is referred to as a “ strongman”. They look at him as being old, fat and “cartoonish” and when they listen to him they hear a loud, inarticulate, insecure, immature, unintelligent loudmouth. They say that they don’t see foreign leaders as being afraid of him, but rather see leaders either ignoring him, pandering to his childish ego or navigating around his nonsense.

As a baby boomer, I think it’s sad that this next generation of Americans are having to endure such an inhumane, incompetent and violent natured President as they begin their adult pursuits. But they are a smart generation and hopefully are aware that if most of them vote, they will decide the election in 2020 and vote Trump out.  Trump’s policies ignore the problems facing millennials with college degrees, which includes being able to find work in their field of study that will pay a wage that will allow them independence from their parents.

This Republican Congress will go down in history as either being the wimpiest body of legislators ever or the most compromised. But unless they have committed heinous crimes or weird, embarrassing sexual exploits, what are they selling out the country for?  Probably for their jobs, which they will probably lose once the “Watergate Tape”- like the evidence is finally revealed. Until then, let’s keep looking up to real “Strongmen”, who are mentally normal, kind-hearted but tough when it’s the right thing to do.  Bullies aren’t strong, they crumble when we fight back instead of caving in. Millennials must stay informed and stay energized and move the resistance against Trumpism to victory.

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