“Make America Proud Again”: Slogans and Talking Points Work…

“Make America Great Again” is a meaningless slogan because America has never stopped being great. It’s a recycled slogan from the Reagan era yet during the 2016 campaign it energized millions to vote for Trump. Voters love slogans and to be part of a rally of people who wear the same hats and shirts. In 2016 this was a winning strategy for Trump.

When recently asked about a slogan for the Democratic campaign season, Joe Biden suggested that we address the loss of morals. A slogan has to be catchy, brief and have a message. “Make America Proud Again” addresses the truth about our mission which is to recover our morality and civility and our standing in the world. Trump’s incompetence, crassness, hysteria, and criminality make him a national embarrassment. His “full of lies” attacks on all of the branches of our government and his immigration policy which contradicts the inscription on the Statue of Liberty has put the morale of Americans in the dumps.

I understand why Speaker Pelosi is holding up impeachment proceedings. She is methodically searching for the Watergate tape moment to ensure that impeachment will result in the removal of Trump. However, time is passing fast and unless we speed up the court proceedings we may miss our opportunity to find that fact that will turn the Senate and the public in support of impeachment. The Democrats have to realize whatever their greatest power is and use it to get congressional actions moving through the courts. instead of extending deadlines and being civil. So far, the courts keep siding with the House, so the more favorable rulings that occur, the closer to justice the country will be.

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