Mitch McConnell: Toxic Extremist, Anti-Democratic, Moscow Friendly, Cold Opportunist.

Mitch McConnell is a cold, self serving opportunist who seems unmoved by the tragic mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso. He has refused to re-convene the Senate to address the national emergency of gun violence. But his sore shoulder didn’t keep him from planning a trip to La Jolla, California for a fundraiser on Monday.

McConnell is a dark stain on America. He is a rigid fanatic. He speaks to a small minority of people who hide behind claims of religious values to discriminate and marginalize anyone who is not a white holy roller. He has a cruel way about him and his arrogance is so misplaced that I can’t imagine him being a role model for anyone. His main passions are making money (especially from Russia), kissing Trump’s ass, and the NRA.

Moscow Mitch is a traitor to what the founding fathers stood for. He likes the moniker of ” the Grim Reaper” given to him, sure proof of his black heart. It is uplifting to see Ditch Mitch signs springing up in Kentucky and his approval rating plummeting to 36%. His corrupt behavior is rampant as proven in his blocking certain sanctions on Russia in return for Russia building an aluminum plant in Kentucky. Shouldn’t he be locked up over this?

Remember him declaring that he would do everything in his power to make Barack Obama a one term President?” How about when he blocked hearings for Merrick Garland to be considered for Obama’s Supreme Court, citing a Supreme Court Judge should not be confirmed during an election year. However, since he has smugly said that if a judge died in 2020, an election year, he wouldn’t wait he would fill that seat right away.  What an abuse of power and what a blatant hypocrite he is.

Thank God he has a challenger to face in his 2020 re-election. He is currently the most unpopular Senator in the Senate. Hopefully Kentucky will vote this outdated bigot out of office.

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