Republican Senators Silence: If You’re Silent About A President Asking Foreign Countries To Investigate Political Opponents, Taking No Action On Gun Violence, Racism, Abuse of Power, And Cruel Anti-Immigrant Policies, Then You Are Saying You Agree With It.

Why are the Republican Senators being allowed to hide in silence?  Are they being threatened? Are they wimps? Is there any way that the states Governor’s or Attorney General’s or Federal judges can force them to make public announcements about where they stand on the myriad of illegal, immoral and questionable behaviors, policies and tweets by Trump?  Isn’t their complete disappearance from any public transparency a dereliction of their duty to speak for their states? The silence must be seen as permission for the President to be above the law. So is that the new norm even for the next Democratic President?

The media also needs to make more of an effort to ask these Senators in public questions like, “Do you believe that it is fine for Trump and future Presidents to commit the same 10 actions that Mueller called “obstruction of justice”? They should be cornered, and forced to admit that they think those behaviors are ok.  How about asking them, “Do you think meeting with foreign adversaries and not reporting it to the FBI or the Intelligence Community is acceptable behavior for a President and his campaign or Administration? “Is your silence an admission that it is ok in the future for a Democratic President to make the same decisions that Trump made about how to deal with a foreign adversary interfering in our elections? Is it ok for a President to openly welcome interference in our elections?

Voters must demand town hall meetings in person and online to force their representatives to take a public stand on the standards of behavior for an American President. The news media needs to feed the public the right questions every night during every broadcast. Trump is normalizing criminality and an anti- Constitutional government so the free press MUST normalize accountability and transparency.

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