President “Bad Role Model” Trump. He is Crass, He Lies, He Cheats and He Admittedly Doesn’ t Read. Clearly, He Hasn’t Read The Constitution.

Parents you need to remove your children from the room when Trump is on TV.  His red-faced ranting is scary for kids. Within minutes he will start screaming, cursing, name-calling, lying and threatening.  It is bad parenting to allow children to watch this behavior and mislead your children into believing that it is ok and normal to act this way as President.  As a service to children, I believe there must be moral guidelines for behavior on television by the President.

In light of his disrespectful, immature behavior, It is ridiculous for politicians to keep showing any respect to Trump just because of the office he holds.  This President lowers the respect of this office every day by his corrupt, crude and dishonest behaviors. I understand that Congress and the media have been hanging onto the past, nostalgically feeding into the myth that no matter what behavior a President exhibits, you must show respect.  This blind respect has emboldened Trump’s ego disturbances and has contributed to the escalation that we are now seeing in his aggressive, lawless behavior.

Also, the President has shown nothing but disrespect and disdain for all living former Presidents, trashing them and their legacies at every chance he gets.  Yes, we all know he is insecure, jealous, immature and fearful but that’s no excuse for showing him any respect in the climate of the disrespect he heaps on our respected former Presidents.  Why they don’t stand up more for themselves is also frustrating. It just appears weak and lacking in self-respect.

The only reason Trump looks anything like a strongman, (which he isn’t), is because he is shown the respect that he does not deserve and thus allowed to act inappropriately without consequences.  The office of the Presidency will survive this, so it is not necessary to continue to pretend that Trump has earned any respect. Those who act like they respect him are either gaining something from it that they want, or are severely compromised by embarrassing blackmailing information.

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