Mueller Report: Trump Is In Deep With Russia. How Deep And In What Way Must Be Revealed before 2020.

The “no collusion” claim announced by Attorney General William Barr should be clarified. Collusion was not considered in the Mueller Investigation as it is not a criminal term. Therefore there was no potential for it to be found in this investigation. “The no collusion” claim should sound like, “there was no collusion because it wasn’t investigated.” Barr’s announcement that there was no obstruction and no collusion found by Mueller was intentionally false and misleading. It was a political strategy to downplay the egregious, illegal actions taken by Trump and his aides to deflect attention away from his outrageous betrayal of the United States election practices.
To further clarify, conspiracy with Russia was the crime being investigated in Part 1 of the Mueller Report, and Mueller concluded that he did not have enough proof of collusion on the part of Trump and the Trump Campaign to find that crime was committed. He did, however, report extensive, factual information on incidences involving Trump and his campaign accepting, welcoming, and encouraging meetings and phone contact with Russians to gain information on his opponent in the election, Hillary Clinton. So although not enough evidence was discovered that Trump cooked up the idea to collude with Russia to gain assistance in winning the election, he did find evidence that members of the Trump campaign and Trump himself were aware that Putin wanted Trump to win over Clinton.
Nowhere in the Mueller Report was it found that Trump or any member of his campaign or family attempted to inform the FBI of the contact Russia was making with members of the campaign and his family. So when Trump and his flock of sycophants chant “No collusion,” they should add, “but he welcomed, lied about, encouraged and profited by the interference of Russia into our election. Will someone in the Republican Senate please attempt to argue that these documented behaviors by Trump in the Mueller report are not “patriotic” and that they would not support these types of decisions in the future by Democratic presidents.

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